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It is vital that any project undertaken by First Nations Co, drives impactful change for First Nations people and communities and supports the priority reform areas identified within the Closing the Gap National Agreement.

It is the responsibility of all organisations to consider and action their part in closing the gap in disparities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The right to self-determination has a particular application to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s First people. Self-determination recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are best placed to design and implement policies and practices for communities. This is also consistent with Article 3 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which provides a right to self-determination.

Without self-determination, it is not possible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to overcome the legacy and ongoing impacts of colonisation and dispossession.

Self-determination in practice requires individuals, organisations, and systems to genuinely transfer power in decision-making and governance and sharing resources with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.


  • Demonstrating a clear commitment to self-determination in organisational strategy, structure and working with people
  • Ensuring genuine Aboriginal-led decision-making in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, economic development, and social wellbeing
  • Ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights to culture are respected and supported.


First Nations Co provides the following consultancy services:

  • Consultation
  • Facilitation
  • Policy development
  • Cultural Safety frameworks
  • Strategy and governance development
  • Co-design 
  • Cultural Safety education development
  • Best practice approaches for procurement and commissioning
  • Measurement and assessment frameworks
  • Cultural service auditing
  • Evaluation
  • First Nations Lived Experience and Peer Workforce 

First Nations Co. is…

A majority owned, Aboriginal business that is underpinned by the principles of self-determination and is committed to utilising collective knowledges to deliver better outcomes.

A national business, with First Nations consultants located across Australia.

A Certified Business on Supply Nation’s Indigenous Business Direct.

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First Nations Co. acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of these lands never ceded. We acknowledge the continued custodianship and protection of country and culture. We acknowledge the cultural knowledge that sustains country, culture and community. We honour our old people and thank them for their leadership, their guidance and their legacy. This is, was and always will be, Aboriginal land.

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