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The weaved mat is one of the most ancient hand-woven arts of First Nations people. The process of weaving and creating a mat, collectively brings First Nations women together. From the beginning stages to the finished product. The entire process of weaving is much more than just a mat. Together we gather the fibres, together we walk, together we talk, connecting to Country and each other. This is the foundation of a cultural framework, of shared knowledge to build better outcomes.


LIGHT GREY is relaxing and soothing. This colour also symbolises maturity and balance.

SANDY BEIGE with its brown undertone symbolises, dependable, resilient, and determined.

LIGHT ORANGE is a colour of good health and friendship. This colour brings softness and nurturing.

ORANGE is an uplifting colour; it represents positivity and warmth. When orange has brown undertones, the colour becomes an earth like colour. This represents Country, the land.

MOUNTAIN BLUE is strong in communication, bringing elegance to this colour palette.

DARK BLUE brings strength and importance. This colour symbolises responsibility.


Our journey is unique and sacred, surrounded by the guidance and strength of our ancestors. Together we gather, together we walk, together we talk, together we learn, connecting to Country and each other. This is the foundation of a cultural framework and the strength of utilising collective knowledges.

First Nations Co. is…

A majority owned, Aboriginal business that is underpinned by the principles of self-determination and is committed to utilising collective knowledges to deliver better outcomes.

A national business, with First Nations consultants located across Australia.

A Certified Business on Supply Nation’s Indigenous Business Direct.

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First Nations Co. acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of these lands never ceded. We acknowledge the continued custodianship and protection of country and culture. We acknowledge the cultural knowledge that sustains country, culture and community. We honour our old people and thank them for their leadership, their guidance and their legacy. This is, was and always will be, Aboriginal land.

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