Our Vision


First Nations Co commit to operating on a cultural framework that utilises collective knowledges to interrogate Western systems and implement strengths based approaches for change.


First Nations collective leadership is recognised as the solution for systemic change.


To utilise collective knowledges to improve outcomes for First Nations communities.


The First Nations Co. approach will guide and possibly challenge some organisations and leaders to question systems, bring inequities to light, dismantle what’s not working, and reconstruct approaches that centre equity, improve outcomes for First Nations communities and promote Cultural Safety. 


  • Respect (Garrima)
  • Contribution (Ngimbalin)
  • Reciprocity
  • Equity
  • Responsibility

Strategic Priorities


Strategic direction that supports self-determination and commits to improving outcomes for First Nations communities.


First Nations governance and leadership across all levels of strategy, operations and project delivery.


To grow First Nations Co ability to make impactful change.

Our Ways


The Five Stones Cultural Framework is based on five interconnected elements of First Nations culture, in which First Nations Co bases its strategic and operational approaches upon. These are:

Land • Community • Lore • Ceremony • Language

These elements operate on the principle of connectivity and that ‘nothing exists in isolation’. The mindset reflects the awareness of interconnectedness and the role of relationships.

The relationship between First Nations people and the land is one of reciprocity and respect- the land sustains and provides for people, and people sustain and manage the land through culture and ceremony.

For First Nations people, land is central to all aspects of existence- culture, spirituality, language, law, community, and identity. The intrinsic knowledge of the land and ways of relating to it are also reflected in language, including many words and concepts that do not have an English equivalent. This deep relationship between people and the land is often described as ‘connection to Country’.

This concept relates to the principles of First Nations Co, particularly in relation to operating on a knowledge distribution framework through sharing knowledge and responsibility.

First Nations Co. is…

A majority owned, Aboriginal business that is underpinned by the principles of self-determination and is committed to utilising collective knowledges to deliver better outcomes.

A national business, with First Nations consultants located across Australia.

A Certified Business on Supply Nation’s Indigenous Business Direct.

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First Nations Co. acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of these lands never ceded. We acknowledge the continued custodianship and protection of country and culture. We acknowledge the cultural knowledge that sustains country, culture and community. We honour our old people and thank them for their leadership, their guidance and their legacy. This is, was and always will be, Aboriginal land.

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